As a former classical ballet dancer, Korean kindergarten teacher, rap tour camera man, and VICE photojournalist, I’m a Product Designer with a unique perspective. With four years of design experience, I've led design on 3 shipped iOS apps, an Android app, multiple web products, and a print magazine I co-founded. When not at work, I spend my time mentoring designers at RookieUp, coding microsites, and acting as co-founder and creative lead of Otherwheres magazine.

I'm excited about the intersection of technology, art, and design and am interested in designing for companies that:

  1. Utilize technology to connect us rather than isolate us

  2. Are working to increase the quality and accessibility of education

  3. Are focused on furthering our understanding of how technology shapes society and culture so that we can direct its trajectory favorably 


Born and raised in San Francisco, currently living in New York.


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