A major thanks to Scott Tong at Pinterest, Daniel Burka at Google Ventures, and Zac Halpert at Tradecraft for majorly influencing this process. Although it adapts flexibly to each project based on timeline and scope, my general framework looks like this:

  1. Define User Needs

  2. Define Business Needs

  3. Define Core Requirements

  4. Competitive Analysis

  5. Sketch

  6. Wireframe

  7. Prototype

  8. Usability Test

  9. Iterate and repeat 5-8 Until Solid

  10. Hi-Fidelity

  11. Hi-Fidelity Prototype

  12. Usability Test

  13. Iterate/Final Polish

  14. Deliver

Design Tools I love

I love learning new tools and staying current on the most efficient ways to get things done.