Team Treehouse 

Usability Testing + Feature Design


The Quick Take

4/5 people who try Treehouse for the first time are frustrated by their inability to find specific information quickly. I designed a search feature that could fit into the existing Treehouse framework and improve their users experience.


The Project

I am a huge fan of Team Treehouse and their online courses. To further my learning, I decided to run some guerrilla usability tests on their product to see how it could be improved. After running 5 tests, I found 3 key pain points.

Usability Tests captured using Silverback.


1. Users are frustrated when they have to watch videos that don't relate to the problem they are trying to solve



2. Users are frustrated when the level of difficulty isn't quite right (too easy or too complex)



3. Users are frustrated by their inability to jump around the course when using it in conjunction with a project

“Having the ability to work on something in the context of your job is way more powerful and useful”  -Jordan


“I hate being told how to download something from the app store”  -Aaron



"I’m gonna skip ahead to where I can actually do stuff."  -Alex


The Hypothesis

My hypothesis is that adding the ability to search through each course to find specific lessons will significantly alleviate all three of these pain points simultaneously.

The Solution

I designed a search feature that fits right onto the course homepage and built a prototype to illustrate how it would work:

Go in depth

To truly understand my process and design thinking, head over to Medium where I documented every step of the process in much greater detail:


What I Learned in an Afternoon of Guerrilla Usability Testing


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